Curated Pixels

The link is for Justin Ng’s “I see the light“, a photo from the Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand. This is a photo that I felt was in a class by itself, completely surpassing the extremely good photographs I see on 500px. Because images last in the collective psyche of 500px for as long as 24 hours, I’ve decided to pay my respect to the skill and talent of the photographer by making an extra effort to keep these images from being consigned into the information oblivion of the Internet.

Clearly, I do not mean for this to be anything aside from a roll of images that took my breath away. I do expect that not every will agree with me, and I even expect that no one will agree with me.

I will have gone ahead and notified the photographer, as well as on my “Stories” at 500px. I will start to feature other pieces from around the web on my blog as well. I hope this spurs discussion because art is worth talking about. It enriches our lives, our souls, and our intellects.


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