Curated Pixels

Dylan Toh’s and Marianne Lim’s “A Henge Beneath

Seriously; do I need to say anything? I did not notice this before, but the image is a 14 shot panorama. Just a superb composition and exposure work – and post processing to stitch them all, seamlessly. The colors are so rich, and apparently they did catch this at sunset. I’ve seen a number of images with that look (i.e. setting/rising sun with a starscape.) But… apparently a fair number of them actually result from light pollution! Ha! Great effect on those images, but this here is the real thing.

The rocks are superbly lit. The colors are also rather nicely complementary, although with the deep shadows, even the earth tones look a bit spacey. Each element is properly placed; the off centered rocks lend tension to the centered arc of the Milky Way.

Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim’s works can be found here: They prefer you to buy prints there, since they prefer the quality they themselves can deliver.


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